Instructing sailing is a complex, transformational process. Click HERE to see what we recently published...

GPS configuration can be simple or boggle your mind. Click HERE for some suggestions...

The head is THE most critical piece of equipment on board.  Click HERE to learn how to keep it healthy...

Psychology of Sailing Instruction

Configuring Your GPS

Headaches No More!

We are always summarizing some of the key lessons and ‘formative’ experiences on the water. Hopefully you find them inspiring, and perhaps they can help you avoid the same problems. Many of these articles have already been published in various magazines and journals, and we are continually adding.  Feel free to use, copy, distribute...but please retain the author and copyright labels!  Thanks a lot!


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Treat your batteries with respect! They keep the lights on and start your engine. HERE are some simple pointers...

More Power to You!

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Planning for strong tidal currents during a passage is rarely discussed in the literature. HERE are some possible approaches...


Passage Planning through the ‘Tide Gate’

We did some research as part of another project and dug up an amazing part of American History. Check it out HERE !


Lighthouses in History—The Lighthouses Act of 1789