Our scope of work is broad to say the least. This keeps us fresh and in-the-loop on all new developments whether on the water or off.

Here are some of the Recent Projects that finished in the last few years:


Delivered boat from Manasquan/NJ to Mystic/CT. Over 150 miles of harbor-hopping and outstanding sailing to see the fireworks during SailFest 2008 in New London. Check out their awesome video! We are going back this year for more exploration.

Led week-long cruise from Martinique via Dominica to Guadeloupe on a 46 ft catamaran. We logged almost 200 miles, hiked through the rain forest, enjoyed amazing foods and explored many beautiful beaches. There is a first time for everything.

Heavy or light? Cored hull or not? Necessary maintenance or nice-to-have? Instructed boat owners on pre-purchase checklists and decision-making. Time and effort well spent!

You bought a boat and now what? Delivered detailed instruction on engine layout and maintenance, system design and trouble-shooting and winterization challenges.

Delivered compact two-day classroom seminar on the use of RADAR and GPS on recreational vessels. Position plotting, route planning and RADAR collision detection and avoidance.

Cruising Seminar Long Island Sound

Purchase Consultation

Martinique Cruising Adventure

Advanced Navigation (GPS and RADAR)

Recent Projects