We are helping boaters in many ways.  Please take a look and judge for yourself!

We provide private sailing instruction at the beginner and advanced level, day and night in the greater NJ/NY/CT area. How many hours or days do you have?  Let us give you a proposal for an enjoyable learning experience. We also teach onboard your own vessel. What better way to learn?

Sailing & Navigation Instruction

We have arranged countless trip to all islands of the Caribbean and know most places intimately.  There is lots to see and do. Let us give you some ideas, a float plan or take you on a sail training trip to the ‘small latitudes’. We also sail locally in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Tropical Adventures in the Caribbean

Most new boat owners struggle with the overwhelming complexity of the new environment.  Let us assist you in being a better owner.  We provide advice on boat management, instruct on proper maintenance and up-keep or help you get specific hands-on experience.

Yacht & Ownership Consulting

Eventually the rubber meets the road!  Don’t be intimidated with large maintenance projects. We have advised, planned and executed major projects such as shaft replacements, steering rebuilds, head restorations, etc.  Do you need a helping hand?

Maintenance Planning

Service Summary