Over the last 15+ years we have sailed all over the Caribbean and parts of Central America. There are developed places that remind of cities in Europe or the US, and there is the quiet side of the Islands where a whole day can go by without so much as a human voice that is heard.

We have been running many types of trips: ‘small’ trips with daily sailing times of only 2-3 hours and ‘big’ ones that criss-crossed the Caribbean Sea. Trips are whatever you want to make them! Rain forests, quiet villages and deserted beaches or vibrant promenades, chic restaurants and exciting local attractions!

We can help you find your place or take you there

· Pre-charter consultation, route planning, pre-provisioning help and assistance with bookings

· Guided instructional sailing adventure with USCG-licensed Captains

· Learn to manage your own Bareboat Charter excursion (and have a GREAT time)

Whatever you are looking for… we can all use a little ‘Caribbean’ every once in a while.  You will agree!

We offer these highly-customized consulting sessions based on an hourly rate plus mileage. Repeat-customer and extended-session discounts are available and depend on your situation. We will have the right professional for your specific need. Guaranteed!


Under full sail during a passage between Anguilla and Virgin Gorda

Tropical Adventures in the Caribbean