Owning a boat is sometimes far from glitzy! You will be facing regular maintenance and upkeep, trouble-shooting and repair, not even mentioning things like winterization.

Understanding the complex set of systems is half the distance to becoming a confident and safe boat owner. We can advise you on such things as

 Understanding all your boat systems...what do you really have on board and how does it work

 Joint walk-through, identification of potential trouble spots and development of maintenance plans

 Winterization of your vessel.† Letís do it together and grow your own confidence!


We regularly teach these types of subjects during advanced sailing classes and literally spend hours on each system. These Learning Laboratories provide total immersion and insights into very specialized areas.

Have an experienced instructor guide you through the maze of challenges and become a better owner!

At the same time, you will agree, you will also become a better mariner. When you understand the various systems better you can be more confident in their operation.

We offer these highly-customized consulting sessions based on an hourly rate plus mileage. Repeat-customer and extended-session discounts are available and depend on your situation. We will have the right professional for your specific need. Guaranteed!


Correcting a problem with the windlass sometimes requires determined access to the inaccessible.

Yacht & Ownership Consulting